Our Mission

Neurodiversity is the notion that cognitive conditions, such as dyslexia, autism, ADHD and dyspraxia, are natural variations in the way people think and process information.

Neurodiversity Specialists helps inclusive organisations to understand the benefits of having a neurodiverse workforce, through consultancy and training.

We also work with organisations to create a clear process of support for their neurodivergent employees and to maximise the potential of these exceptional individuals.

We work with organisations both in the UK and globally to understand the value of neurodiversity.

Why Neurodiversity Specialists?

Neurodiversity Specialists will provide your organisation with practical solutions that will help you to attract and retain neurodiverse talent. Our expertise will enable your organisation to maximize the potential of its neurodiverse employees, enhance the performance of your workforce, and benefit from increased productivity.

Explore our three main offerings:

  • 1:1 Support: Personalised guidance and assistance for individuals.
  • Coaching: Expert coaching for neurodivergent leaders, line managers, and career development.
  • Training: Comprehensive training programs to foster neurodiversity awareness and inclusion.

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Meet The Team

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