Welcome to our “Neuro-Inclusive Training Practices” course, where we delve into the essential principles and strategies to create an inclusive learning environment for individuals with neurodivergent conditions.

Introducing Our CPD Accredited Neuro-Inclusive Training Practices Course.

In this half-day CPD-accredited course, we aim to increase awareness of neurodiversity, explore associated challenges and strengths within the learning environment, discuss the relevance of the Equality Act (2010) and understand what reasonable adjustments can be implemented in your training setting.

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for educators, trainers, learning and development professionals, and anyone involved in creating programmes or facilitating learning. It is particularly beneficial for those seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in neurodiversity awareness and neuro-inclusive teaching practices.

Course Overview:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Increase Neurodiversity Awareness: Develop a comprehensive understanding of neurodiversity, its significance, and its impact on the learning environment.
  • Identify Associated Challenges & Strengths: Recognise the challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals and identify the strengths they bring to the learning environment.
  • Understand Co-occurring Processing Differences: Explore the nuances of co-occurring processing differences and the implications it has for your training practices.
  • Equality Act (2010) & EDI: Gain insights into the Equality Act (2010) and what it means for creating equitable and inclusive learning environments through the lens of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI).
  • Implement Reasonable Adjustments: Learn how to make “reasonable adjustments” in the classroom to support neurodivergent individuals effectively.
  • Neuro-Inclusive Training Practices: Discover and apply neuro-inclusive practices that enhance the learning experience for all participants.
  • Signposting for Support: Understand the importance of signposting individuals to appropriate support resources and services.

Course Details:

Venue: This course can be delivered online or in person.

Delivery: Half-day (3.5 hours) of interactive workshops, case studies, discussions, and practical exercises.

Qualification: CPD Accreditation – a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Next steps:

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