Co-coaching, is a service offered by Neurodiversity Specialists to bridge the gap between employees and employers, fostering collaboration and understanding in navigating performance challenges.

Co-coaching recognises the nuances between neurodivergent needs and performance issues, providing a structured approach to address them effectively. We understand that managers often desire to support their team members but may struggle to discern the boundaries.

Through co-coaching, we facilitate a systematic breakdown of challenges and tasks, establishing clear, measurable outcomes agreed upon by both employee and their line manager. This collaborative process not only resolves historical conflicts but also empowers individuals who experience communication challenging.

How many sessions will I have?

The number of sessions recommended will depend on the needs of the individual.

How will the sessions be delivered?

The sessions are held online via video conferencing tools such as Skype, Zoom and Google Meet and last 1 hour per session.

To find out more about this service, please contact us to arrange a call.