Our training programs at Neurodiversity Specialists are designed to foster understanding, awareness, and action when it comes to neurodiversity in the workplace. We offer a range of training options to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

Explore our diverse training programs:

Neurodiversity Awareness Bitesize Presentations

Get started with our concise and informative bitesize presentation. It’s a perfect introduction to neurodiversity, providing a foundational understanding of what it means and why it matters in today’s workplace.

Neurodiversity Awareness Training

Our in-depth awareness training dives deeper into the world of neurodiversity. Participants gain valuable insights into neurodivergent conditions, challenges, and strengths, equipping them to create a more inclusive and accepting work environment.

Neurodiversity: Insight into Action

Take your neurodiversity knowledge to the next level with our Insight into Action training. Learn practical strategies and best practices for implementing neurodiversity initiatives within your organisation.

Neuro-inclusive Training Practices

Discover how to make your training and development practices neuro-inclusive. Our program ensures that your training materials and methods are accessible to all, regardless of neurodivergence.

Neurodiversity Consultancy

Our consultancy services offer tailored guidance to organisations looking to embed neurodiversity in their culture and practices. We work closely with you to create a customised plan that aligns with your specific goals and values.


Our training programs are led by experts passionate about promoting neurodiversity and inclusion. We provide practical knowledge and actionable insights to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

Contact us today to explore our training options and discover how we can tailor our programs to meet your organisation’s needs.

If you are an individual looking for training for yourself or you are a HR or Line Manager wishing to book training for just 1 person please take a look out our open courses in our training calendar page.

Testimonials from Organisations

Feedback from organisations we’ve worked with has been:

“The practical exercises were great and really helped me to learn more about what it is like to be neurodivergent.”

Rob, Project Manager, Engineering Company

“Really interesting and eye opening. This workshop has completely changed my perception of neurodiversity.”

Joanne, Head of Recruitment, Global FinTech Company

“This workshop provided an excellent overview of neurodivergent conditions. I now understand how to identify the strengths of applicants and employees who are neurodiverse. It was really useful to discuss case studies about reasonable adjustments and the positive difference these made.”

Mel, HR Manager, UK Rail Company

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding presentation Daniel delivered on ‘Neurodiversity in the Workplace.’

As part of our organisation’s ongoing Wellbeing initiatives and commitment to fostering Inclusivity, we approached Daniel with a request to share his insights, and his contribution exceeded our expectations.

His passion and depth of knowledge on the subject were not only evident but also instrumental in creating a session that left all attendees with a more profound understanding of neurodiversity. The impact of his talk was truly insightful, contributing significantly to our collective knowledge and fostering a more inclusive workplace environment.

We extend a heartfelt thank you for his time, dedication, and willingness to share his expertise with our organisation. His contribution has undoubtedly enriched our Wellbeing initiatives, and we are grateful for the positive impact it will have on our workplace culture.

Thank you once again for Daniel’s invaluable contribution.”

Fatma Ali, Head of HR & OD HCPC