I’m here on the day before the new tax year 24/25 and I’ve got all reflective about what just happened in March.

It was a very busy month.

Even just my associate work with Neurodiversity Specialists left me reeling.

The month was kicked off with a Strategy Weekend with Daniel, Director of Neurodiversity Specialists. The synergy is more than just our being fellow Geminis. He and I find it really transformative to have time to think neurodiversity and all things related through together. It has proved productive for him and his business and for me and my practice. Together our work is greater than the sum total of our separate parts because we have work outputs and learn as we do so. I won’t get started now on what the critical factors are in this collab between us, but, safe to say, it just works. And we laugh. A lot.

So we spent Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 March working on new ideas.

You’ll most likely see some of the results of our conversations later on in the summer. But to get the strategy party started I used some techniques to help us get our creative brains in flow.

First up it was a walk (in the SNOW!) and then we sat around an aromatherapy light and pulled questions on post-its out of a magic tin. This photo shows some of the questions that we had to answer to help Motivate, Elevate and Generate.

This then evolved neatly into an exercise that I thought up, along the lines of  ‘You scratch my business itch and I’ll scratch yours’. We listed areas of challenge/for development and left them for each other’s input. It meant we gave each other peer business support that included problem-solving and signposting. 

Even better, these exercises acted as unblockers for the rest of the weekends’ output.

‘You scratch my business itch and I’ll scratch yours’.

We managed to lay down some solid foundations for a CPD offer from Neurodiversity Specialists (more on this soon), as well as refine the final stages of our getting our co-creation that’s been 2 years in the making ready for its launch.

This had been our big ‘to-do’ and was now our much bigger ‘Ta-dah’…

I present to you:

OCN Level 3 Neurodiversity: Insight into Action – the culmination of all those hours across virtual meeting spaces, weekends in person, scoffing Southbank Centre’s flatbread pizzas.

And on 26 and 27 March we welcomed 6 great delegates to our 2 day course. We did polls, wordclouds, pair and group discussions, taking our learners from knowledge and understanding to prepare for activism in their workplaces.  There’s a workbook that stands between them and their qualification, but we’ve made extra sure that the assessment tasks are varied, stimulating and useful for the neurodiversity leadership conversations that lie ahead.

This had been our big ‘to-do’ and was now our much bigger ‘Ta-dah’…

Having battled the gremlins to get to the close at 4pm on 27 March, we did it; Daniel nursing a sore throat and almost no voice, and me with dry eyes and desperate for a hot cross bun.

We’re excited by what we’ve been doing and what the future holds. Contact us to see if what we have planned will scratch your business itch for neuro-inclusion.

– Emma A