Watch this video for great advice on how to be your best at interviews for people with dyslexia. Daniel talks tips and tricks with Elizabeth Takyi, CEO Aspire to Inspire Dyslexia CIC.

How to Be Your Best at Interviews if You Have Dyslexia

There is a secret to applying for and getting jobs. Being your best at interview is a combination of having a great application to get you in the room, plus wowing the interviewers on the day.

People with dyslexia may face unique challenges when applying for a new job when it comes to preparing the application and performing at the interview stage.

Here’s a quick rundown of the interview if you don’t have time to watch today.

How to Prepare for an Online Job Interview

Plan, plan, plan! This is great interview advice for anyone. But if you have dyslexia, then here are some really great tips to help you be your best in the interview.

Test Your Equipment before an Online Interview

Covid 19 means that most interviews are now conducted online. This may continue for some time so it’s good to be prepared for a video interview.

Testing your equipment ahead of time will reduce stress on the day. Does your headset work? Is your microphone functioning? Maybe you can test this with a friend.

Make sure the environment works too. Is the lighting right? Can the person at the other end see you?

Mind Map Potential Questions

If you’re comfortable disclosing that you have dyslexia ahead of time then you might ask for additional time ahead of the interview. You are entitled to request extra time if, for example, you need to mind map answers to questions.

It is also reasonable to ask for a copy the interview questions or request to see the question on the screen. A multiple part question can be a challenge if your dyslexia impacts your short term memory.

If you’re not comfortable disclosing, then do some research on common potential interview questions ahead of time. If you’ve already mind mapped the questions, you’re much more likely to be your best in the actual interview.

Research the Organisation and the Team

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable about disclosing your dyslexia before the interview for whatever reason. Perhaps you’ve had a poor experience at work in the past.

Whatever the reason, you will want your new organisation to be a place where you can be your best at work. Putting in the time to research the organisation you’re looking to work with will give you a good idea of whether you’ll like it once you start. It will also provide some great questions to ask in the interview!

Do they clearly support dyslexic and neurodivergent individuals? If you spot any red flags while you’re researching, then maybe this isn’t the right place for you.

Employers are required by law to put reasonable adjustments in place for anyone who needs them. Many organisations are not aware of this responsibility and don’t always fully understand the challenges for people with dyslexia.

A reasonable adjustment in the workplace can include:

  • Assisted software.
  • Adaptive equipment.
  • Workplace coaching.
  • Awareness training for colleagues.

Innovation and creativity are much higher in the dyslexic population which are invaluable skills in any organisation. These are great reasons for any organisation to hire you.

Helping You to Be Your Best At Interviews

Daniel Brooke has a background in career coaching and career mentoring at Imperial College London, mixed with training in workplace needs assessing and supporting neurodiversity. This gives him a unique perspective on career advice for people with neurodivergent challenges such as dyslexia.

If you feel like you need help to be your best at interviews, contact Daniel about Specialist Career Coaching.