In this webinar about creating a neurodiverse workforce with Neurodiversity Stories, Daniel discusses:

  • The benefits of a neurodiverse workforce
  • How to support neurodiverse recruits

You will learn all about the significance of support for neurodiverse employees, and how it will greatly improve your workforce. 

The highlights of this webinar are listed below, for those who don’t have the time to watch the full video.

Adapting the workplace for a neurodiverse workforce

Daniel emphasises the importance of meeting the needs of neurodiverse individuals in the application process. Some processes may need to be adapted so that the interview experience will allow them to shine.

Examples of adjustments companies should provide:

  • Workplace Needs Assessment
  • Workplace Coaching
  • Assistive Needs Technology

Making the workplace accessible

Organisation need clear processes for supporting neurodiversity in the workplace as a whole before focusing on recruitment. Neurodiversity Specialists can help organisations with training and assessment to ensure there is good support for their neurodiverse employees.

Benefits of supporting a neurodiverse workforce:

  • Neurodiverse employees will be in more control of their challenges and able to work at their best ability
  • Organisations can then benefit from all of the amazing strengths that they have
  • If you’re going to support the amazing talent out there, you need to support them when they’re in the organisation.

Neurodiversity Specialists believe that it is within a company’s best interest to support their employees, and having adjustments for neurodiverse recruits is essential.

Transitioning from education to the workplace

People who have had great support during school can go on to feel a stark contrast when transitioning to the workplace.

Many people find that their workplace either does not offer support or is not communicating that support is available. This leaves the neurodiverse employee struggling to succeed in their role. They are unsure of how to support themselves when that shouldn’t be the case at all. 

Having the right support is amazing, and it is something that every workplace needs to provide.

Checking if an organisation is right for you

As a neurodiverse person, you might want to research an organisation before you embark on the job application process. Is your target organisation::

  • Talking about reasonable adjustments at the interview stage?
  • Putting out communication and blogs about neurodiversity?
  • What are they really communicating? What’s on their website?
  • Telling you about neurodiversity and the support that they give during the interview?

Recognising neurodiversity in your organisation

“If you have at least 8 people in your workplace, the chances are that you are likely to have a few neurodiverse people already.” 

Your workplace is most likely already neurodiverse. Our aim is to make your organisation neuro-inclusive. 

This means that the people working will get the support that they need, and are able to work at their best ability.

The reality is that many large companies still don’t have neurodiverse friendly adjustments in place. Yet some small start-up businesses are paving the way by offer lots of support for their neurodiverse workforce. 

Clearly the support that can be provided and funding isn’t necessarily a factor.

How you can support neurodiversity in the workplace

Not every neurodiverse person has yet been diagnosed and just one neurodiverse employee receiving support can greatly impact the workforce.

  • With support, a neurodiverse employee develops good coping strategies, using technology to help them gain more control over their challenges
  • Greater impact and reach on their team, by sharing advice given to them
  • Effective coping strategies also support neurotypical, or undiagnosed employees

Disclosing your neurodiversity

It is important to disclose your neurodiverse conditions in order to receive the support that you require. 

When disclosing, a neurodiverse individual may follow up with something they are unable to do. Changing the way you talk about your neurodiverse conditions to use positive language can have a massive impact. 

By being kinder to yourself about your struggles, you are more likely to focus on the positive strengths that these conditions bring you. 

A disability is not an inability to do something. It is the ability to choose an alternate route to arrive at a solution. It is on this path that novel and innovative ideas exist.

Awareness training when creating a neurodiverse workforce

Awareness training is available for organisations who would like help creating a neurodiverse workforce. 

At Neurodiversity Specialists we:

  • help organisations understand that there may be more steps of support necessary than they think
  • Work with individual managers and staff members to see what works for their organisation
  • Look for improvements – these are highly specific to each organisation, and can only be achieved through working closely with them.

By making policies inclusive your organisation can create a positive impact that improves communication, productivity and innovation.

 If you feel that your organisation requires further support in becoming more neurodiverse friendly, book a 30 minute consultation call to find out more about neurodiversity awareness training with Neurodiversity Specialists.